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Girly Subscription boxes

Who doesn’t love a box full of stuff? When you want to spoil yourself but you’re not sure what to get a subscription box could be the perfect thing! A subscription box is a box of items that comes each month, each month it is filled with different items. Here are a few of my …

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Don’t give up, Get up

Life in your 20’s can be hard! Our 20’s is the time where we find ourselves, we are trying to figure out where and what we are going to do or be, it’s a lot of pressure! Especially when you have no idea where to start. The worst thing you can do is compare your …

Inspiration and Motivation

15 Things To Start Doing Right Now

15 things to start doing right now to live a better life. life can at times be difficult, boring, or just not quite what we envisioned for ourselves. we get stuck in a rut, a never ending circle of bad habits, obligations, laziness and fear of failure. we keep spinning our wheels in place and …


The Shy Girl-Quotes For A Shy Girl

Being the shy girl For years I have been one of those shy, quiet girls you know the ones who don’t say much and are totally awkward when it comes to being social…yep one of those girls Always wanting to fit in and be like others, being shy is like having any other mental health …

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30 Ideas For Writers Block

Do you have Writers block? If you are like me then you get writers block A LOT, I don’t know how many times I have sat in front my computer wondering what to write about, what is going to attract readers and not make me feel stupid while I am writing! Choosing a topic to …

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Habits to Develop In your 20’s

#1: Work on your hardest task first This is something that I do almost every single day. This is typically the calmest time of the day before all the meetings and emails start piling in, so make good use of this time to get that task you’ve been dreading all week completed. Working on your …

Inspiration and Motivation

5 Healthy Girl Boss Habits

1. Stay hydrated. This is the easiest habit you can get started on right away. Drinking plenty of water has tons of benefits like controlling headaches, improving your skin and keeping you energized. One of my latest goals is to drink at least 12 eight-ounce glasses of water each day. Ever since I started doing …