Today I quit my job.

After 4 long years in customer service I finally had enough, enough of being over-worked, over tired and over everything!

Now I know for most people this is their reality, working a job you don’t like just to pay the bills and have food. That was me too!

Eventually you have to start looking at the bigger picture, are you happy? Are you taking care of yourself? Do you really think this is your only option of work?

When you start realizing your worth and creating a picture of what makes you happy and how you want to see yourself living your life your whole perspective changes.

Now how did I just quit without having a fallback job right away? I saved money, I sold things around the house, I cut back on spending…It is possible!

Now I am taking time off to find myself again, find my passion and get back into a better routine.

This is for anyone else struggling to find a purpose and get out of a crappy job, stop procrastinating and do something, make those changes. Your happiness is number one!


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