Everybody has struggles, it’s not something you can really avoid. Life is not meant to be easy but who knew it could be so hard sometimes.

Struggling in life is what helps a person grow and become wise, other times struggling can brake a person and send them into depression. As everyone is different, has different struggles and handles them differently it is important to remember to talk to someone, find help, this does not make you weak or un independent.

Like a lot of people I have had my fair share of struggles, I consider these obstacles for me to overcome so I can grow. At a young age I lost my grandparents who were our families financial support, after they were gone we struggled, eating at soup kitchens, food banks, welfare…”the ghetto life” this struggles made me realize I wanted to be like my grandparents who were wealthy and able to support their loved ones, so I graduated school, went to college, got a job…my childhood struggle made me a strong women today who knows me value.

My message to you is to stick through that struggle you’re going through, make something out of it.

I want to hear your stories! My favorite story will featured on my blog💕


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