This week I decided to try doing a paint pour on a table, even though it took me a few tries and a few trips to the store for more paint I am very pleased with the end results.

Things you will need to try your own paint pour project:

1. A table or piece of furniture

2. A sander to sand it down and make it more smooth.

3. Plastic cups for paint mixing

4 stirring sticks

5. Resin

6. Paints

7. Medium liquitex

And now to begin…

1. Pick your item to paint

2. Sand it down

3. Pick your paints, pour a good amount of each color you have chosen into separate plastic cups, mix each color with the medium liquitex (to give it a shiny coat)

Next pour your colors into one cup and place upside down on table, let the paint run down out of the cup and then lift cup and shake table around so the paint can spread around.

And Bam !!

Once dried mix your resin together as instructed on package and pour over table, spread evenly and use a torch at low 6 inches from the table to keep away air bubbles.


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Crazy cat lover