Land of the lost

This is a little post for all my fellows out their feeling a little lost. As a young adult trying to transition into the world I completely understand how easy it is to get lost, stuck in a rut trying to figure out career paths, pay bills, degrees, etc…the moment you turn 20 it’s like a wave of reality washes over you.

How are we suppose to get a degree while paying bills and trying to work? How do we get out of a shitty job when it’s your only income? Trying to figure out life is not easy!

In my short time of adulthood I realize how important money is and how important it is to be able to save it. I have been able saved enough to quit my job and take some time off just to focus on me. This may not seem like a reality to most of you but it’s possible!

So when you’re feeling lost only you can find yourself again! Do whatever you need to, whatever you desire to find you and be 100% happy.


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