DIY Crafts to make and sell

1. candles

Not only are Candles are always high in demand but they smell great and are super fun to make! Get creative with this.

2. Head bands and hair accessories

People love hand made items that are unique and can not be bought anywhere’s else.

3. Coasters

DIY coasters are becoming more popular, This would be a fun project to tackle and would make a great gift.

4. Lip-Balm and Lip Glosses

What lady doesn’t love some lip-balm? This is a great product that can sell fast and is easy to make! But get creative, be unique!

5. DIY Frames and and shelving

This is a great idea! If you have some frames just laying around the house flip them into this tiered tray, you can even purchase these at the dollar store and make a flip for your money!

6. Pillow Covers

Pillow Covers are in, home decor is booming along with decorative pillow covers. If you are going to sell pillow covers make sure to look around and compare prices along with quality.

7. Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs have blown up in the past few years, these are a fun easy DIY project that can make some quick cash.

8. Wooden Signs

9. paintings

People love original paintings. Don’t sell yourself short know how to price your paintings!

10. T-shirts

T-shirts are another popular selling item! You can create your own or create them online at sites like Zazzle, Cafepress, Printful

Thinking about making and selling items? Go for it! For years I doubted my creative talents because I didn’t think I could make money from it but the art and decor industry is finally takings it’s turn and pacing it’s way to create real careers so don’t give up .


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