Lessons to learn in your twenties

1.You’re Going To Feel Lost   

One thing you discover upon graduation is that no one really has life figured out, people are just doing the best they can, everyone and i mean everyone has doubt, even when they’re doing well. After the glow of graduation, adulthood will be a rough transition, harder than you imagine it will be. You feel so invigorated after graduation and you’re excited and ready to hit the ground running, only to be halted by a variety of road blocks: the economy, being stuck in a low-level position, not getting a job in your desired industry, etc. It will take years to accomplish your dream, and to be where you want to be in your career. You will wonder if it is worth it, you will wonder if you will ever get there, and just know everyone feels this way, especially in their 20s. You’re not alone, and it’s completely normal. Try to find healthy ways to manage it.


2. You’re still young you don’t need to have your whole life figured out!

Being twenty is not easy!  This is the age where you feel the most stressed, at twenty were suppose to know what we should do with our lives, we’re expected to know what college we’re going to, to move out and pay bills…Stop, take time, take that extra year after you graduate to explore, find yourself. You don’t have to have it all figure out!


3. Don’t over work yourself

Working and making money is important, but learn how to save, be good with your money.

Working full time for me was good pay checks but at the end of the day I was tired, I never had time for family or time to clean, my life was work! So I cut down my hours and am working on things that I enjoy doing that I can also make money off of from home.


4. Spend time with friends and family

I cannot stress this enough, once they’re gone, they are gone! Make time for movie nights and supper dates. Don’t get to caught up trying make something of yourself that you forget to make time for the most important people.


5. Never stop learning new skills, new things

It’s always a good idea to learn something new, If you ever think you know all there is to know about something, you’re wrong. In order to grow, you have to be able to adapt to changing environments/demands and stay ahead, you should always be hungry for new information. Always be learning. Read, ask questions, consider other answers, debate topics, admit when you’re wrong and surround yourself with people who are equally passionate and curious. Your degree does not define you, your desire to learn and continue learning will. 


6. Everything Takes Time   

Careers, relationships, etc. all take time and require patience. Don’t lose hope, keep working. It all takes time- your life isn’t ruined because your career has not taken off yet.


7. Love Yourself 

No one will love you more than you will love yourself, so learn to truely love yourself because you’re the best advocate you have. Life is short, spend it loving who you are! If there is something you want to change in your life, then put in the work and change it. Loving yourself and believing in yourself is the only way you will achieve everything you want to. It will give you the confidence to take the risks you need to, to keep going when you want to quit, and believe that your ideas are possible and you can bring them to life.

You don’t need to find love to be happy! Don’t rush things. Learn to love yourself first.


8.Make Your Health A Priority

Take care of yourself , your health and your body. Eat well, laught often, excersice, get enough sleep, limit harmful habits, give yourself a day off and just treat your body well! No one else can do it for you.


9.Kindness Matters

 No matter what, remind yourself to be kind. Try to be self-aware, know when to admit when you’re wrong. When you have the opportunity to improve someone else’s day, even in the smallest way, you should act upon it. Remeber to maintain your manners, hold the door open, smile and put basic kindness into practice whenever you can. The more positive energy you put out into the world, the more you can expect to get back.





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