Being an individual with mental health issues I understand how powerful the words from a Quote or saying can be.

Quotes are so powerful, they help to boost confidence, help understand that you are not alone and others have gone through similar situations and it is possible to come out on top, quotes have the power to turn a negative thought into something positive, into motivation!

I love this quote! It really makes you stop and think. “We are Shaped by our thoughts, we become what we think” thinking negative and is going to make you a negative person, mind over matter don’t let unwanted thoughts consume you.

Living a hard life may have you questioning life but you were given this life because you are strong enough to live it! It’s the people who go through the most that work the hardest to get to where they want and get what they want.

“Be kind to your mind” This quote speaks so many words in so few syllables. The mind can be intense, as people we overthink, we question ourselves, we second guess, we make mistakes but through that all we must still take care of ourselves and mental health don’t let the worst get the best of you! Tell yourself “hey, you did great today!”.

Now pretty sure this is something we all do, creating the perfect story in our head but most of us are not taking the steps to get thier, most think they could never actually get thier! You won’t know unless you try!


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